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Coronavirus Precautions Update - March 28

Dear Members,

Following the Government's latest press conference on March 27, the Chief Executive has unveiled new measures in tackling the local spread of COVID-19. These new measures limit public gatherings to four people which requires all restaurants & bars to apply and follow. The Club will follow the government's latest recommendations and these new measures will go into effect at the Club from Sunday, March 29. These new measures include- 

  • The number of diners at each table will be limited to 4.

  • All tables will be spread out with a distance of 1.5m apart from each other.

  • All restaurants will operate at half of its capacity.

  • Diners must wear a mask at all times within the restaurant except when eating and drinking. Please provide your own mask.  

  • These are unprecedented times. Our utmost priority is to ensure we provide a safe Club for our Members, guests and our colleagues to continue some normality in these uncertain times. Your kind understanding and cooperation on these new measures is highly appreciated. 

    Yours sincerely,

    Edward Read

    General Manager 

    Club Health Update

    Dear Members,

    I am sure you are aware that many students and Hong Kong residents have been returning to Hong Kong lately. It is important that they follow the government’s home quarantine order and avoid going out. Our best safeguard against COVID-19 is our commitment to social responsibility.

    The Club would like to remind all Members that if anyone in your household has just returned to Hong Kong, the whole family is considered close contact and should avoid visiting the Club until after 14 days of their arrival.

    Further to our last two ewires, please be reminded again of the following measures that are in effect.

    • All Members, Junior Members, Guests, Coaches and Club Staff who have travelled outside of Hong Kong in the past 14 days must avoid the Club until at least 14 days after their return to Hong Kong.

    • If you are in close contact with anyone who has recently returned to Hong Kong, you must not visit the Club for 14 days from the first day of contact.

    • Members and Guests who are or are in contact with a confirmed positive, a probable case (preliminary positive), or a suspected case (close contact) of COVID-19, should immediately inform the Club and stop visiting the Club until medical clearance has been given.

    • Everyone entering the Club is required to sign a declaration form, declaring that they, their families and their guests have not travelled overseas in the past 14 days, at either of the two checkpoints (main lobby or 2M car park).

    Since we will stop all cars coming into the car park at the top of the rampMembers who drive to the Club are encouraged to drop their passengers off at the lobby first and complete the declaration form in advance (click here to download form). It will speed up the whole process and avoid a backlog of vehicles in the car park. You may ask for copies of the paper form from all outlets or download from our website or the link above.

    We would also like to encourage Members and their guests to wear a facemask at the Club and make use of our hand sanitizer frequently. As we continue to navigate this fast changing landscape your support and understanding on these measures are much appreciated. The health, safety and well being of our Members, guests and staff is at the forefront of every decision we make. 

    Yours sincerely,

    Edward Read

    General Manager


    Health Declaration

    Dear Members, 

    With effect from March 19, all Members entering the Club will be asked to sign a declaration form, declaring that they, their families and their guests have not travelled overseas in the past 14 days. These will be located at two checkpoints, one in the main lobby and one at the 2M car park. Everyone entering the Club must pass through either of these two checkpoints. Members will have their temperatures taken and be asked to sign the declaration form. (Click here to download form for reference or to fill in and bring to the Club)

    The checkpoint at the lobby entrance is fairly straightforward.  At the 2M checkpoint, however, security will stop all cars coming into the car park at the top of the ramp, take the temperatures of all passengers, and ask them to fill out the declaration form. Members can then continue to drive up, park and enter on any floor.

    Members who drive to the Club are encouraged to drop their passengers off at the lobby first, so that fewer persons need to have their temperatures checked and sign declarations at 2M while inside the vehicle. We will try our best to handle this in a smooth and speedy manner, to avoid a backlog of vehicles in the car park.

    With the new checkpoints in place, Members will not be able to access the Club through the Jumbo lifts. Members going to the 9/F Ice Rink must enter either through the main entrance or will have passed through the 2M car park checkpoint.

    Berth holders, Members and guests going out boating are required to go through either of the checkpoints before entering Club premises.

    The lobby checkpoint will be manned from 8am to 10pm, and the car park checkpoint will be manned from 9am to 9pm. Members and guests entering the Club outside these hours can have their temperature checked and sign the declaration at the Health Club or The Deck. 

    We thank you for your patience in this constantly changing scenario. The Club has decided to do this out of extreme caution in order to minimise the spread of the virus. On a final note, may I again remind all Members and your guests to wash or sanitise your hands often, wear a facemask to protect yourself, and stay healthy!

    Yours sincerely,

    Edward Read

    General Manager


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