Prevention and Correction of Short-sightedness

Wednesday, June 5
2/F Marina Suite
Member: Complimentary
Guest: $80

Join Dr Wu, Tian Xin Christine for an honest and science-backed discussion about children’s eye health and the latest on the prevention of myopia (short-sightedness) progression. She will debunk common eye-related myths, and go through the current popular methods for correcting refractive errors using laser surgeries such as LASIK and SMILE.

Dr Wu received her medical degree from The University of Hong Kong, and completed her speciality training in ophthalmology at Tung Wah Eastern Hospital. She received further overseas training in glaucoma from UCLA and Stanford University, and turned private after working for the Hospital Authority for 10 years. Prior to her medical journey, she received her Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Psychology from Stanford University.

Since joining The Eye Institute of Hong Kong in 2022 as a private ophthalmologist, she has been performing a wide range of eye procedures including cataract, glaucoma, LASIK/SMILE and retinal surgeries and lasers. As a mother of three, she is also interested in children’s eye health and the prevention of myopia progression.

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