Bordeaux Super Second Wine Flash Sale

May 20 – June 2 
While limited stocks last.
The use of the term “second wine” (or “second label”) has become second nature when talking about the great châteaux of Bordeaux. Familiarity with second wines is, however, relatively recent and the wines’ purpose has evolved with the changing Bordeaux market.

At its simplest level, a second wine is one made from fruit produced at a château that is not included in that property’s main wine (the grand vin). It may come from young vines that do not yet yield the necessary quality for the grand vin, from cuvées that have not reached the required quality for climatic or viticultural reasons, or from a particular plot of vines that has been habitually dedicated to second wine.

Second wines are widely popular for daily or casual consumption, and can offer excellent value for money.

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