Tea Appreciation Workshop

2/F Marina Suite
Tuesday, June 20
10.30am – midday
Member: Complimentary
Guest: $60
Speaker: Susan Lee, Master of Tea at LockCha Tea House
Priority for Members due to limited seats.

This workshop will guide you through the essence of Chinese tea culture, sharing the health benefits of drinking tea, methods of preparing different categories of tea, storage and the correct ways of drinking it.

Topics to be covered. 
- The history and evolution of Chinese tea. 
- Understanding the use of traditional utensils in brewing Chinese tea.
- The best water and water temperature for brewing Chinese tea. 
- The different categories of tea. 
- Brewing demonstration.

About Susan Lee
Susan began her journey as a student of Cha Dao (the way of tea) after experiencing the healing power of tea in the form of ceremony in 2017. Since then she has studied with Tea Sage Hut, a lineage intimately connected with tea and Zen meditation based in Taiwan. 

Susan has also been fortunate to have the tutelage of Master Ip Wingchi of LockCha Tea House in Hong Kong. She is currently the Honourable Master of Tea at LockCha Tea House where she has conducted various classes and demonstrations promoting the art of tea and tea culture.
Registration: 2814 5436



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