Genomic Testing

2/F Marina Suite
Thursday, June 8
Member: Complimentary
Guest: $60
Speaker: Dr Anthony Ho (Director of Family Medicine Centre, Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong)

Cancer is the leading cause of death in Hong Kong and the annual incidence and mortality rates have been increasing in recent years. In 2020, more than 34,000 new cancer cases were registered in Hong Kong.

Some well-known risk factors, such as smoking and drinking, have been proven to be associated with different types of cancers. People are also aware that when one family member is diagnosed with cancer, other members of the family may be at a higher risk of developing certain cancers.

Is this always true? Is there a test that can predict cancer? If so, how accurate is it, and how can people make the best use of it?

In this talk, Dr Anthony Ho, Director of Gleneagles’ Family Medicine Centre will talk about this topic and share his experiences with genomic testing in clinical practice.

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